The Experience

*Highlighted are titles of the choreographed suites in this full sensory experience.

The audience exchanges their current day modernity’s are to passport into the mythical gothic wonderland called Opal City. Once in “holding room” the experience begins with receiving the Sin Sisters of Darkness code of conduct from our Madam of Sin.  Upon entering the lighted corridor the audience is greeted by a strong imposing masculine figure.  Do not fear, he is an ally to the Sisters and a member of the Raven’s Army. He leads the audience into the Meeting of the Black Sand

Sacrificial screams and cries of a woman are heard in the distance. The looming and strong spirit of the once banished leader of the Sisters, Saniya, reveals that she is the true heir to the sisterhood and wants to live again. Witnessing the Rebirth of Saniya the audience is enveloped within this transformation of the sisterhood and resurrection of Saniya. Awakened by the black tears of sin, the atmosphere quickly changes as the sisterhood arrives.

The air of sin chills the room to a moonlit blue as 
Shadow Walkers intertwine amongst the audience. The physical parameters that once were are now the playground for hide and seek. A sleek walk and subtle touch weave the hypnotic intimacy between the Sin Sisters and their audience. The barriers move into the choreographed ritual of The Black Heart.  A spiritual gathering that acknowledges the emotional bonds of sisterhood.














The audience and ceremony are interrupted by the powerful presence. Someone is in procession of this Kryptonite to the Sisterhood. The tormented Sisters scatter amongst the primary suspects of this betrayal, the audience. With the help of the Raven’s Army (male harpies), a clear and swift path to the intruder is made.  The Sisters appetite for sin taunts a Man For The Taking, and force him to feel the effects of manipulation and oppression. Just then the audience is orchestrated a full 180 degrees to reveal the full Raven’s Army Assembled and Ready to stand in alliance with the Sisters in the fight.


The Sisters stand strong and powerful alongside the Raven's Army as they do one more sweep of the premises by moving the crowd around in this open space to search for any more violators. The audience is placed behind 4 corner barrier points as Sister to Sister begins. The spirit of Saniya remains alive in the room as The Light shines and the Code of Shadows is revealed and recited.  


From the 4 corners of this world the audience is spellbound by the allure of the Sisters Black is the Color of Sin. (beat)

The Sisters sense something in the atmosphere changing. The scales are off. Embedded in the system is deep rooted inequality. 

Saniya commands the audience dismissal with the looming question; “WHAT’S YOUR SIN….?”


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enter a glimpse of the black cloud...if you dare!