The characters

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 Powered by the pain of a blacken heart these sisters are in search for all who fall under the sins of those who have caused their heart to turn black. Roaming free during the night in the flesh and resting heavy in the shadows of one’s mind in the day, no one can resist the grip of a the sleek and mysterious sisters of sin.

The Sin Sisters

SSD Ravens Army

You will feel a touch in the shadows and maybe even the wind of their passing but there is no need to be frightened, these fine feathered friends are are harmless to only those who respect the Raven’s Code of Shadows.


For centuries they have protected the sisterhood through the Seal of the Raven’s Eye. Watched over daily by these nightKeepers, the Sin Sisters never have anything to worry about with them by their side.

The Raven's Army

The host / caretaker of Blackhouse Manor and watcher of the Blackriver Township where the sisterhood dwells. She is mysterious and undetectable. She stands tall and strong. Confident and difient. One would not dare cross this Madam of Sin as she declares the rules of the house. Make sure you listen, there are consequences for not adhering to the order of this house. You may just have to pay for your sins. She will be watching.

The Madame of Sin