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This modern day gothic tale, transpires in Opal City. Centuries ago a woman named Saniya became riddled with the loneliness, hurt, rape, deception, and hoodwinked by the discrimination,  and lack of validation of society. She cried out to the grey clouds  above in pain and revenge on a shaded cobblestone street. Her pain was filled with such a dark vengeance that the tears she cried fell by the color black, evoking  the sinner within and the power of The Book of Consequence. Using the book, she called upon women who shared this bonded sin and created a sisterhood that would feed under the wicked mind of the female psyche. and the dust of the black heart.  


As the rise of the sisterhood became stronger, the secrets of the covenant became more sacred.   When the daunting sisters were defied by one of their own, the pages quickly turned when one sister revealed their most sacred secret of all to a man that she whom she was in love.  As payback and justice for the Sisterhood, this deviant sister named Anai was turned into black dust  and tossed in the air off the top of the mountain. Angered by the spirit of the book for telling the secret of how it can be destroyed, Saniya and her sin sisters were excommunicated to the bountiful black cloud (a modern day Superman purgatory plain) to pay their debt for the betrayal made by Anai.


Now in the 21st century after being in captivity, the Rebirth of Saniya and the Sin Sisters will take place as the black colored tears will fall again, breaking the debt of the black cloud and once again awakening the Book of Consequence. Reviving stronger than before the Sin Sisters of Darkness will once again lurk in the shadows, this time with a vengeance so deep that no one is safe as they search for the sister who holds the heir to Anai. One may think they can escape with halo thoughts but  there is a reality that holds true...Everyone is a sinner. 


What kind of sinner are you?